The PrayOut Project

In the months ahead we will steadily transition to the robust, full vision of PrayOut, which represents years of software architecture and development by our team.. is a global, online extension of the body of Christ.  Ultimately, the PrayOut community will attract millions of Christ followers who will utilize our innovative, free tools as an avenue of expressing the glory of God through their daily lives.

The PrayOut community will be constructed around four core missions, PRAY, GROW, RELATE and GIVE.  Each mission is accompanied by innovative software to assist in developing your own unique lifestyle of service to fulfill these missions in your world.  Currently we have released approximately 30% of the PRAY mission phase.  As funds are made available we can rapidly move forward on the remainder of PRAY and the release of the GROW, RELATE and GIVE mission phases.

The heart of PrayOut in Phase 1 is to answer God’s call to serve one another and our world in prayer through useful technology.  We look forward to continuing to serve you, the PrayOut community through adding new, unique functionality.  These useful additions will enhance your PrayOut experience, facilitate serving others, as well as strengthening your core spiritual relationships.

We are grateful to Father for the opportunity to steward this amazing project.  If your heart feels drawn to what we are doing, please feel free to contact us and learn more.

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