PrayOut Community Guidelines

Be sure everything you post glorifies God. Post all the good content you desire on PrayOut. We expect uplifting and encouraging content that does not lead your brother or sister to violate their conscience or into acting or thinking in a way disapproved by the Creator. Posts to the contrary need no further thought.

Some activity might be unreasonably offensive, controlling, or prone to leading people down the enemy’s path. What is considered unreasonable will ultimately result in a judgement call. When there is a disagreement regarding content we may make this decision for you. Rest assured this decision will be made by a mature Christ follower in the spirit of love with the considered interests of the whole community in mind.

Objectionable material may result in deletion, warnings, or account closure. Follow the 10 commandments below and nurture unity in the body of Christ. 🙂

1. Do not post material intended to divide and categorize Christians into separatist groups that work against unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

2. Do not threaten anyone.

3. Do not post material breaking the law, or intended to lead people to break the law.

4. Do not post material intended to lead to harm or abuse of any person.

5. Do not post material intended to incite lust including nudity, profane or sexually explicit language and erotica.

6. Do not intimidate, bully, harass, or manipulate anyone.

7. Do not post material intended to deceive or mislead anyone.

8. Seek and get permission before sharing anyone else’s personal information. Sensitive information is often contained in prayers, prayer requests and even testimonies (answered prayer). Please consider your brothers and sisters prior to sharing this information.

9. Do not contact members for commercial reasons unless you first have their permission.

10. Make sure you have proper legal rights to share any content you post.