’s Privacy Policy

Published September 2, 2014

The big three:

1) We don’t share your data with anyone outside the company

2) Third party providers like LoginRadius don’t collect any personalized data

3) We only use cookies for user convenience

We do advertise, and use localization data to serve the advertisements. This data is used internally by our companies, and is not shared with advertisers or third parties.

We are aiming for users over 13, though with parent or guardian permission/supervision younger users are permitted.

We collect data to help us improve our service over time and to help give our users the services we deliver.

Data collected includes email addresses, OS version, avatar photos, user designated favorites, the messages and posts the user creates, and zip code related location data.

We also use data we collect for analysis to learn how we can best grow in our services and utility to users. We do not share data we collect with third parties, but some data, email addresses, basic social networking profiles, and OS versions is collected by LoginRadius as part of the service they provide to enable convenient logins. You can find their privacy policy on their website at

We ask for a warrant to support all data requests from government and law enforcement.

We use industry standard internal security protocols to keep your data safe.

You can edit the data we have, such as email address, user account, location zip code, and favorites through the functions on the website and through editing or deleting user profile data.

If you have questions or comments please contact us