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Josh Headshot cropped 150Josh Bellieu | Occupational Prayerapist – The vision for PrayOut emerged as I was driving down the highway asking God what His next assignment was for me.  For over 17 years I have enjoyed leaving prayers on peoples voice-mails, often times resulting in miracles and powerful testimonies.  I am passionate about praying for all people.  I love being a catalyst for people to develop the joy of a prayer lifestyle.  PrayOut opens the door to dynamic new prayer paths and opportunities for Kingdom advancement for the 21st century.  I currently focus on developing prayer strategies for families, groups, businesses, ministries and churches, business and product development, copy writing, marketing, video production, public / media relations, and strategic planning and partnerships for the PrayOut community.

Our company won the Metro 50 award two years in a row, and the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for the S.W. Region.  I have appeared on award winning nationwide infomercials and numerous syndicated talk radio shows as a featured guest.  My background includes FDA and FTC compliance, sourcing for manufacturing, call center development, health and wellness product development, and I have served as corporate educator for 10,000 distributors as well as a sales and work force team trainer.  I have been an owner / partner in three successful businesses.

Scott Headshot cropped 150Scott Seitz | Technology Architect
– My passion is renewable energy and I was an entrepreneur at heart trapped in the corporate world until God changed my focus in 2007.  I am the chief software architect, coder and developer of PrayOut’s technology platform.  What stirs my heart about the PrayOut Project is the thought of the millions of lives that will be positively impacted through prayer and our future technology.  I earned both my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.

Throughout my adult life I have developed experience in sales, marketing, IT and software architecture working for IBM, Hertz and other major corporations. My entrepreneurial activities have focused on real estate and trading in the stock market.  I also work alongside local business owners, civil leaders and state agencies to promote progressive legislation that can move our country toward energy independence and sustainability.

Dennis Headshot cropped 150Dennis Clark | Prayer Ministry Facilitator
– I was driving to a meeting in Denver with my brother Jeff.  Our meeting was with a man that had promised millions in funding for my company and then failed to deliver on schedule. My brother suggested we call Josh Bellieu and have him pray with us prior to the meeting.  That prayer was my first introduction to Josh, and as things unraveled within that business, God told me to move my family to Oklahoma.  I had forgotten about the call with Josh but during the move my brother, Jeff, kept saying there was a guy that I needed to meet.  Jeff said we had a lot of common interests but mainly God just wanted us to connect. During the move we met at a local church, and Josh said he had something to show me once I was firmly in Oklahoma.  Some time later Josh and his partner Scott Seitz met with me and told me about the vision for PrayOut.  I inquired and God spoke that I should help these guys move PrayOut forward.  I have gone back to God many times and asked if it was time to move on or continue and He keeps pointing me to keep pressing PrayOut forward.  I am a prayer leadership facilitator at PrayOut and help unite the teams focus on the key issues God is putting in front of us.  I am integral to PrayOut’s business structure planning to also include assisting with architecture of plans to monetize web traffic, and for contracts, legal, and accounting software.  I bring my former experience as a CFO of a publicly traded company as well as a CEO and COO of privately held companies.

Each of these C-Level professional experiences were in start-up companies, one of which evolved from three entrepreneur’s gathered at my kitchen table to a $15MM/year company with fifty employees and a spot on the Inc. 500 list.  My 16 year CPA background brings great benefit to all my professional experiences.  I have worked as a consultant and possess experience in the area of intellectual property, as a work force team trainer and in direct sales.  I have enjoyed success in starting a web brand from scratch, which included conducting search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing strategies and monetization of web traffic.

Mark Headshot cropped 150Mark Krienke | Organizational Development
– After spending three decades in the corporate world and working on several start-ups and reorganizations, I began to have a strong tug in my heart about four years ago to put my talents, experience and knowledge to work in a new way.  I felt led to join a start-up organization focused on uniting God’s Kingdom, globally.  Not long after closure of my last position, an opportunity surfaced in my own backyard.  PrayOut closely matched what I had been envisioning as my next endeavor.  It was clear that God had been working to prepare me and my life for this opportunity.

I am currently focused on project management and organizational development while filling many other roles within PrayOut’s early evolution/development stages. The varied responsibilities, experiences, successes and, more meaningfully, failures; established a good foundation to help develop PrayOut into a thriving organization serving God and His worldwide family. My last position was CFO of BancInsure, Inc. The company’s focus was insuring community banks nationally. I was deeply involved in developing new insurance programs, major reorganizations, acquisitions, recapitalization and working towards taking the company public. Having worked primarily within the insurance industry over the past 15 years, I held leadership and management positions in finance and technology with several start-ups and companies undergoing reorganizations resulting in awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year and two Best Places to Work. During my time with a dot-com start-up during the bubble, I participated in growing this organization from a handful of people to hundreds with offices across the country within 24 months. In depth financial analysis and commercial lending are also part of my background. In addition to financial leadership, I have designed, implemented and led complex software and technology infrastructure implementations and conversions.

I also have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Midwestern State University with a major in accounting.

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