A PrayOut Christmas Miracle

For the first time in 28 years my lovely wife and I would be apart on Christmas due to her fathers life-threatening health condition.  The Christmas holiday season is very special at our house. Our 4 children and other relatives join us for several days of playing games and re-connecting.

On a Saturday evening my children and I received the desperate text from my wife that said “PLEASE PRAY HARD, DAD IS HAVING A ROUGH NIGHT!”  She went on to list many of the normal things one expects when it appears to be close to the end. Regrets, another chance, a desire for a better relationship with her dad and an opportunity to take care of him.

Immediately family texts began to fly back and forth. At that time I recorded a PrayOut in my voice for my father in law, wife and her sister who were attending him several states away.  I shared the PrayOut and urgent request immediately to my PrayOut friends and directly to the phone of my wife and her sister.

In no time 7 people had listened to the urgent request on PrayOut.com and began leaving prayers there.  Only yesterday I was looking into the eyes of my sister in law as she was expressing how significant that personal prayer in my voice had been to her that desperate evening.

I could here my wife talking to her other sister in the living room as I reflected on people who pray, the goodness of a God that hears and answers, and the miraculous recovery of my father in law.  All 3 of my father in law’s girls were able to be home with their families on Christmas and then in my home a short time later celebrating together. 🙂

Please click here to enjoy listening to a special PrayOut recorded for you. If it is meaningful to you feel free to share with others as Holy Spirit directs.  Prayers will be included with each blogpost and at times we will feature guest bloggers on a variety of topics and their special PrayOut’s for you.

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