Building PrayOut – The Timeline

PrayOut Timeline 2015-01

The PrayOut team has been working full-time creating a technology platform for uniting a global community of faith.  The vision includes world class technology consisting of a website and mobile apps provided free to users.  The timeline above helps you see what can be done with a few people working on faith with minimal financial resources. It is now time to build the full vision for PrayOut as rapidly as possible and you can help.  Click here to see how you can support PrayOut.  Major financial contributors can contact us directly.

PrayOut’s voice prayer social network will incorporate many tools that lead individuals and groups to spiritual growth through prayer, scripture, relationship, giving and more.  Outreaches, Churches and Businesses, as part of God’s Kingdom, are also key participants in the vision for PrayOut and key participants in its mission.  If your organization wants to learn more about our vision and mission, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Blessings from the PrayOut team.

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