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  • Josh Prayerman created a PrayOut 9 years, 2 months ago (Viewable by Anyone)

    Live for deferred joy, or in the moment with God? That is the question I ask myself today… @jeff @prayerman

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    • Lord provide for Josh & PrayOut and send them whatever expertise is needed when it’s needed in Jesus’ name. Launch, fully launch, this needed by all believers app. This app will bring prayer to those who need prayer and unity to believers. Unity among believers is what the angels are waiting to see. Let breakthrough come for them and this God. I ask all in Jesus’ name.

    • A needed reminder for me dear brother. Happy New Year to you and it’s going to be great watching Our Lord provide ALL that is needed personally, corporately, and for this AMAZING project!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your remembrance of me in prayer….I’ve really needed it!

    • My honor!

Josh Prayerman

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