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  • Nichole schroeder created a Prayer Request 1 year, 9 months ago (Viewable by Anyone)

    I need prayers to help me become strong while I wait for gods plan. I am going through the hardest break up and while I’ve begged him to come back to me, he had shut me out. I’m depressed and demotivated. I know I deserve better but if anyone knows what love us they’d understand. I miss him and want to give him the world. I pray every day that he just reach out to me. It’s suffocating losing half of your world. I know God will take the pain away but it’s so hard to wait, the pain is great. It takes over me, I have trouble eating and sleeping. I know I’m just human but I feel weak. I need strength. I feel that the only thing that will make me happy is him. I want him back so bad. I know he loves me so I’m just waiting for that moment.

Nichole schroeder

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