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    What are the Types of Soft Dolls?

    Soft dolls are different from hard dolls, such as poly clay dolls, soft dolls generally include: stuffed dolls such as plush, stretch cloth (lycra), down, polar fleece, cotton, leather (leather).
    A doll with a human and animal image made by stuffing various fillers inside. The English name (plush doll) can also be called soft doll, stuffed doll, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao regions in China. Called soft stuffed doll. Generally divided into the following types according to materials.
    1) Plush category:
    A kind of plush toy. It is mainly a doll made of stuffed textile material as the main fabric and filled with cotton or chemical fiber sponges. It is also an earlier and more common doll. Due to the limitations of its materials, such as easy hair loss, poor cleaning, and easy deformation, there are fewer high-end brands in the Chinese market.
    2) elastic cloth category:
    Elastic cloth
    It is a stuffed doll made of highly elastic cloth (such as stretch nylon cloth, polyester cloth, cotton cloth, etc. commonly known as Lycra cloth) and food grade snowbeads inside. Its shape is lovely, its color is bright, its material is clean and it can be dropped without hair, it feels soft and comfortable, and it has a good hug. The products originated from Japan and South Korea. The stretch fabric dolls are loved by customers. The feeling is that they want to be loved and petted, just like the “comfortable texture, full of joy” advocated by the Sheepet doll brand.
    Elastic cloth
    3) Down:
    Its appearance is a stuffed doll made of down jacket fabric and down cotton and duck down as the stuffing, which is unique. It is different from soft and plush, and has the following characteristics: good thermal performance. In air-conditioned rooms or winter, holding a down doll is like holding a warm bag. Whether it is cushioned or leaning, it gradually makes people feel Warm, suitable for children and the elderly. Feature two: The silky down jacket fabric and ultra-soft down cotton and duck down make down dolls possess the characteristics of down jackets. After squeezing and letting go, the down dolls will slowly expand to restore the original shape, without excessive finishing. Interesting. Feature 3: The shape of the down doll is generally double-sided, with the expression on one side of the doll and the duck-filled groove on the other, so it is more suitable as a cushion.
    4) Fleece:
    The fabric is fleece material, which has a gentle and smooth feel. The inner filling is down cotton, PP cotton or microfiber cotton. The style can be Scottish plaid or solid color. Is a good sleep companion, super comfortable hug, also known as sleep hugs.
    5) Pure cotton:
    The fabric is 100% cotton, and the inner filling is cotton, PP cotton or microfiber cotton. Variety of styles, such as rural style, exotic style, national style, full of personality, colorful fashion. It has strong plasticity and can be extended into a series of products such as home furnishings, car interior decorations, doll charms, stationery, export leisure bags, and cloth slippers.
    6) Leather (Leather):
    The fabric is made of genuine leather or PU leather, and the inner filling is made of cotton or PP cotton or microfiber cotton. The style is classic and the look is high-grade. However, due to the material leather, the process is more difficult to complicate, so there are fewer on the market. Leather dolls are generally gifts for high-end international brands.


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