The P5W Prayer Strategy |Simple Steps|Tips for Groups

The P5W Prayer Strategy

P5W = “Pray – Five – Weekly”

  1. Join, Download the app or use the website.
  2. Join or create a PrayOut P5W group focused on praying for a particular person (pastor, leader, husband, wife, child, family member, friend, etc.) or members of your group, sunday school class, or church.
  3. Record 5 prayers per week for four weeks within the group. (2 minutes X 5 prayers = 10 minutes per week)
  4. Share the group with the recipient(s) now or later for them to receive your gift of prayer.
  5. Cherish the habit of prayer you started for yourself and your group.

These 5 steps make it easy to build a habit of prayer for yourself and a legacy of prayer for others. Keep reading to learn more about how to promote this strategy within your family or group. There are more details about how to get started at the bottom of this page. You can always contact us here for help.

The over-riding, driving passion of the PrayOut team is simple…We want people everywhere to get activated, energized and consistent about praying for others. It is vital for each of us to learn that God lovingly invites us to ask, He listens and He answers.

Here is a simple resource that you can put into practice today through or the PrayOut app that will develop some consistency in prayer and allow you to see how powerfully God responds when you pray. It’s easy, rewarding and a healthy addiction.

I recently read the #1 thing Pastor’s request from their congregation’s is prayer support. That should immediately challenge, and motivate us to action. If you asked me what I would desire most from my wife or children, I would say…pray…for…me…! We talk about prayer (sometimes), and often fall short when it comes to doing it.

Have you heard of the nickel prayer defense? It is a simple concept taken from football that is designed to remind men to pray for their pastor / leader by name five times each week. A nickel is used as a tangible reminder for the men to pray. Then each week the men hand their pastor a nickel, which is a reminder to the pastor / leader of all the prayers that have been lifted up on their behalf during the week.

Imagine how powerful this becomes in the PrayOut world where the pastor / leader can actually open their app or go to and see all the prayers that have been prayed each week, but more importantly can listen… anytime, anywhere to those prayers for encouragement and impartation.

What if you prayed for your spouse or your children this way? What a legacy for your family. I challenge you to commit to this for one month and not be amazed by the results!

Now, let’s use this idea by creating a hidden group on It takes about 2 minutes. If you need help creating a group watch the how to create a group video located on the START HERE page. You may also watch the how to create a PrayOut video from this page.

Simple Steps for the P5W Strategy

  1. Create a Group and invite one or more people (If not a PrayOut member they will need to register).
  2. Each group member commits to record one PrayOut 5 times a week.
  3. The person who is the object of prayer for the group can now listen to any or all these prayers throughout the week. They can even record testimonies or make specific requests quickly and easily. Or, you can share the group with the recipient at a later date as a gift.
  4. A powerful spoken record now exists of what God has done through your prayers.
  5. You may also share PrayOuts by text from your smartphone to the person you are praying for to remind them to listen to your prayers for them. How do you think your wife, husband, children, or pastor will be affected by this simple commitment? We can assure you…it will be eternally life-changing for them…and you!

Tips for P5W Groups

  • When creating a P5W group, we suggest making it a “Hidden Group”, unless you want your group visible to others and/or have it open to the public. There are three privacy levels, “Public”, “Private” and “Hidden”. The privacy level can be changed at any time by the group’s administrator (you).
  • If your P5W group is for a spouse or child you may want to limit it to 2 members. You and your spouse or you and your child. This allows you to focus your prayers for one individual and can be very meaningful to them. Keep in mind that everything is flexible and you can set up group membership according to how the Lord is directing. You may want your entire family to participate. It is easy to set up and manage multiple groups, and remember hidden groups are unable to be seen by anyone but their members.
  • Men’s or ladies small groups, and discipleship groups are excellent places to engage the P5W strategy. Pairing “PrayOut Partners” of the same sex together is highly recommended (unless married). The five weekly prayers for the other person can be done in whatever time increment you desire such as 7 – 30 – 60 or 90 days before rotating to another “PrayOut Partner”.
  • Remember you can share PrayOuts from your P5W group by using the social sharing interface. You can share your PrayOuts from your phone’s contact list by text message or to other social networks.
  • Have fun, get creative and begin to PrayOut now.

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