PrayOut Creation Story

One definition of prayer can be to simply invite God to intervene on behalf of another.  Years ago, God nudged me to pray a simple prayer through a telephone, left in the form of a voicemail for an acquaintance.  Imagine my surprise when I found out years later that LISTENING to the prayer had a profound impact on their decision to live!

This single prayer altered the history of many lives.  Over the years I have left hundreds of prayers for people by way of voicemail. People have saved these prayers (sometimes for years) and listened to them over and over for spiritual encouragement.  Some have shared these recorded prayers with friends, spouses and family members.

God has literally changed the history of many people through this simple marriage of prayer and technology.  It still astounds me that something so simple can bear so much fruit. I had no idea that voicemail prayer would be the seed for the vision of PrayOut.

Will you take a moment today and invite God to change the personal history of someone you know? If so, PrayOut!

The Future of PrayOut:

In the months ahead we will steadily transition to the robust, full vision of PrayOut. The full vision represents years of software architecture and development by our team. PrayOut is designed to become a global online extension of the body of Christ. Ultimately, PrayOut will be made up of millions of Christ followers who will utilize our free tools to express the glory of God through their daily lives.The PrayOut community will be built around four core missions, PRAY, GROW, RELATE and GIVE.

If your heart feels drawn to what we are doing please feel free to contact us to learn more.

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  1. Profile photo of Kylee Sandra smithKylee Sandra smith

    I need prayer to reconcile with my brother I sinned against I know I was bad because I had demon. But. Now the important things are to pray for Jesus to heal to prosper to give peace to heal I always feel like I’m a failure I don’t know if I should give up now or wether to keep. Counting on good To. Keep his promise

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